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bad news is that my i got so frustrated and scared at work today that i had to say yes to working a rediculous schedule this october

i know that october is busy and they need the help, but if i say its literally phsycially impossible for me to be at the cafe at 11am on a sunday because that is the time my rehearsal in boston ends, THEN I MEAN ITS IMPOSSIBLE

but sakis just didnt understand. and i dont know if its a language barrier or what but he just kept repeating “but i need two girls here at this time, its too busy, i cant do both coffee and crepes” to which i responded with ” my rehearsal gets over at 11 in boston, i literally cant be here” and he would just repeat himself. until he pointed at another girls schedule and was like can you be here at 1 and work to close? and they way he expressed it was throwing his hands up very agressively and getting louder because he was frustrated so i said FINE OK FINE yeah i can do that ill just work on 3 hours of sleep whatever

and he probably didnt understand why i said, so what does it even matter

im lucky the other barista didnt mind trading with me. otherwise i would have been fucked.

the aggression that my boss puts out is so scary that im too scared to even quit, i feel like he would yell at me

and if there is something that makes me break down into tears and makes me relive my entire abused childhood, its if a tall older man raises his voice

like i work monday through friday with my like one trigger. great.

also this schedule means its gonna be really hard for me to see cute boy i want to date. when i told him, he said its ok, we’ll figure it out, which gives me hope. but im just frustrated that im trying to make something for myself and something dumb like this is getting in my way. 

i will be working mon wed thurs fri sat sun. 8-1 all of those shits except for sun 1-6. and on top of my friday and saturday rocky shows, and a con coming up. 

i might die

im mostly scared that my body will literally give up on me.

and if i get sick, im totally fucked.

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*feels exploding*

im so nervous and happy

i mean im angry cuz shitty stuff at work but thats for a different ranty post

this ranty post is good feelings

good news first, then the bad news

ive started seeing a boy

and hes so cute

well “started seeing” we spent the weekend together and we are holding hands and stuff but we talked about being careful not to rush things so we’re taking it slow

which is so nice to hear for once. no one throwing around the “girlfriend/boyfriend” terms

so many times have the “eventually when we’re dating” statement scared me away

i asked him straight up if he wanted to be anything and he said lets wait

finally, honesty. its so nice.

we’re both cosplayers and he’s seen me perform so i dont have to do any type of explaining of my other life

only downside is hes TOO FAR AWAY. but hes totally worth the trip

the thought of his name just makes me blush

and his brother is loving it. he is trying to make it happen and its nice to have some help

well, actually his entire circle of friends tried to get us together this weekend and hey it worked!

*gushing over cute booooyyyy*

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Pudge flops. 

(I am not a small lady, but Pudge is an ENORMOUS DOG)

This needs to be seen.

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'here have my fries'

'Im gonna draw you something'

'yeah i'll buy it for you'

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napping together is my kind of date

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"This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously."

Reblog every time.

I mean I like this photoset and all but I really never understood why you need to be sexually attractive as a “modern business woman”

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